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Let's see how this works.
 Not much of a journaller, m'self, but it seems there are more fictionkin on LJ than anywhere else, so here I go... journal attempt number one.

Today it is snowing, as is usual for the cold, blustery city where I currently reside. I have a dumb song stuck in my head, and I'm counting down the hours until payday. All in all, I lead a pretty mundane life. Wake up, drink coffee, smoke a cigarette, go to college, go to work, go home and do it all over again the next day. 
I am here in hopes of finding more like myself. I have created a community on DeviantART called #FarFromFiction, for all fictionkin and allies to gather. I'm a rather brutal admin when it comes to trolls or 'skeptics' as they call themselves, a term they use only as an excuse to be assholes... so if you're thinking to stir up crap on my group, think twice. I live by the phrase, "A computer's gotta do what a computer's gotta do." 
All in all, I'm a nice guy, albeit a little rough around the edges. I enjoy the occasional online roleplay and hope to make a few friends here.
- Wittgenstein



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